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Electrical Earthing System Manufacturer for Engineering Industry

JMV LPS Limited is a premier manufacturer of engineered products such as electrical earthing rods/electrodes designed for diverse niche applications in the electrical, mechanical, commercial and industrial, rail and utility markets. Headquartered in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA, JMV LPS Limited has a huge sales network serving different countries, with manufacturing and distribution facilities worldwide.

Manufacturer Of High Quality Earth Rods for Earthing System

JMV LPS limited is the manufacturer of high quality Rods for earthing system, building lighting protection, lightning arresters, surge protectors, earth enhancing compound, fast discharge earthing compound etc. JMV LPS Limited the earthing rods/electrode manufacturers & providers of Chemical Earthing rods/Electrodes that have been made under the supervisions of professionals who have immense experience in this field. Our products fast discharged earthing electrodes are well maintained and have immense functional attributes. They are tested before their dispersal and are outstanding in terms of quality. We adhere to all the basic properties set by the market in order to offer products that contribute to the industrial platform.

Grounding Electrode System

JMV the leading manufacturer of grounding electrodes system is a method by which neutral and ground conductors are connected to a common earth. In the building's electrical system rods/electrodes are connected through ground conductors. Maintenance free grounding rod/electrode systems should prompt the installation of earthing rods/electrodes conductor on the outside of the home.

JMV's Earthing Rods/Electrodes are specifically engineered to eliminate the drawbacks of other chemical earthing electrodes. To ensure superior product life and high conductivity our earth electrodes are manufactured by using high quality raw materials.

Different Types of Chemical Earthing Electrodes?